Existing Treatment Customers

Existing treatment clients and corporate clients always receive preferential access to this service as part of our commitment to ensuring that our processes are as efficient as technically possible.


£50 + VAT per load for a maximum size of 70cm x 70cm x 50cm with you providing the transport to and from our facility in South Norwood during normal working hours.

Decontamination Only Customers

Decontamination only customers will always be given an estimated turn around time at the point of booking and with larger loads can prioritise the order in which things are processed.


£60 + VAT per load for a maximum size of 70cm x 70cm x 50cm with you providing the transport to and from our facility in South Norwood during normal working hours.

Quality Assurance

Under no circumstances are items to be sent to our office without strict adherence to the procedures and protocols outlined in the decontamination pack which can be obtained by contacting us via phone or email.

All items are tracked through the facility and monitored with log tags that ensure the process is completed and that items are always bug and viable egg free on departure.  The configuration of our facility also ensures that items are processed from potentially “exposed” through to “clear” to ensure pre and post decon items do not come into contact with each other.  The whole facility is also subject to extensive Passive and Active monitoring to ensure the decontamination area remains bedbug free.

Bespoke Decontamination

Bespoke decontamination and non standard items will be considered. Please contact us with details, preferably pictures and measurements, so that we can calculate a cost, turnaround time and feasibility.  Items we have been asked to work on in the past have included antique furniture, works of art as well as domestic and commercial vehicles.

We are also the only company in the UK to have successfully managed several “decontamination moves” whereby we have helped someone move from an infested location to a clear home without major disposal of possessions. Such projects can take significant planning and organising.  Therefore please make sure you give us as much notice as possible.

Client Confidentiality

We always respect the confidentiality of our clients and do not even need to open your items .  If you wish to deliver the items to our facility yourself it must be in normal office hours between 10 am and 4 pm although if required and with at least 24 hours notice we can extend the opening hours a little to accommodate deliveries.  Delivery on weekends may incur a charge for antisocial working hours to open up the facility.

‍‍‍‍‍‍Traveller’s Luggage Decontamination

If you have been exposed to bedbugs while travelling, we can help ensure you do not bring any unwanted souvenirs back with you.  Either make arrangements to call into our facility on your way home or 100% seal your luggage and travel items as soon as you arrive home and make contact with the office when it’s open.   We can save all your items using our “green” methods and don’t even need to open the luggage once its sealed.  

We can even teach you what to look for when you next travel and provide an invaluable educational video in our educational resources section of the website.

If you have been exposed to bedbugs in a hotel or hostel in the UK, please ask them to make arrangements for your luggage to be decontaminated before you travel home.  All of our client hotels do this as a matter of routine, should an exposure occur, to ensure they are doing everything possible to stop the problem from spreading.

Clothes and Household items

If bedbugs in your home are more diffused than just in the immediate bed area, it may be necessary to decontaminate items.  Our process manuals detail all the appropriate washing and drying temperatures not all items can be subjected to this treatment. Such items will always be identified by your treatment technician during the assessment process and will be documented in your treatment manual.

We have always taken the view that it is more important to get rid of the bedbugs and leave your possessions intact than to adopt the all too common approach of disposing of things regardless of their economic or sentimental value.

With the commissioning of some new systems in July 2011, we can now offer overnight decontamination suitable for up to 8.5 cubic foot of material per load.  This is most useful to travellers who have been exposed to bedbugs away from home and want to ensure that they don’t carry anything unwanted home with them.  Simply send your bags to us or stop in on your way home to ensure that bedbugs are not unwanted souvenirs of your travels.

This approach has been successfully used on numerous occasions to help people move from an infested location and ensures that they do not take any bedbugs, eggs or infested items with them.

100% insecticide free

Carbon neutral facility and service

More cost effective than replacing items

Secure quality assured systems and processes

Flexible service from one bag to a whole homes contents

“Over the years we have found that having a decontamination facility has helped our clients minimise the impact that bedbug infestation have on their lives.  Being able to decontaminate practically anything means that you never need to worry about ending up like so many of the horror stories we read online where people end up with only garden furniture to live on and a psychological legacy which lasts considerably longer than the infestation itself.”

David Cain PgCert, Bsc (Hons), ESQ Founder Bed Bugs Limited

Since 2007 we have been able to offer a decontamination service for clothes, household items and luggage.  This is an obvious, yet unique, service that we offer.  Such service increases treatment efficiency and to help people avoid taking bedbugs home if they encounter them while away.

Once items are isolated and delivered to our facility, they can be processed and returned to you, usually the next day.  We perform this service for Hotels, residential customers, Universities, as well as travellers on an ad hoc basis.

To date we have prevented countless infestations before they have even started, thereby saving people from having to endure an infestation.

100% Green and effective service in a carbon neutral facility

Cost effective compared to replacement costs

Backed by our Gold Standard Guarantee

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