Increasingly we are being called upon to offer consulting services on many aspects of bedbugs.  We have conducted a diverse portfolio of consulting projects from business development and process development to quality assurance and legal support.  Clients have ranged from barristers seeking facts opinions for legal cases to home owners seeking answers to a long standing problems.

Although we are happy to help people out with simple requests for information much of what you could ask about education and avoidance has already been written in our educational sections and public information site  We only request that you make any initial approaches via email rather than on the phone, you are more likely to get a focused response that way.

Commercial work can be on a retained or contract basis, a few of our regular clients before a retainer based relationship but all clients are initially on an acceptance of proposal basis.

Bespoke training either through visiting our facilities or travel to your site is possible with ongoing support offered through Skype and teleconferencing.  In this area our services range from assessing your current systems and processes through to helping you integrate the systems and processes that we have developed over the many years to training on our systems for monitoring and client support.

Previous Projects have included

‍‍‍Evaluating bedbug related technologies on behalf of suppliers

Optimising products prior to launch

Advising organisations on managing pest control contracts

Providing expert advice to legal teams

Training other trainers of pest controllers

Trouble shooting bedbug cases for a trade association

Editing documents for technical content

Acting as Expert for consumers affairs programs

Creating educational material for landlord associations

Evaluating bedbug intellectual property and patents

Projects deliverables have included

Executive summaries



Video Conferences

One on one training

Electronic reports

PowerPoint presentations

DVD’s and Video footage

Conference calls

Group based training

To discuss your needs and to investigate how we may be able to better help you take control of bedbug problems please contact us:

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DeBugged by Design

In recent years David has turned his attention to the idea that bed bugs can be designed out of locations through the combination of Passive Monitoring and optimization of the environment.  This has resulted in novel simple bed designs and a more modular approach to creating warm, inviting and most importantly bed bug free locations.

This project has been collated under the heading:

Some aspects of this have already been integrated into our Hotel system