Since our origins as a public information site we have always viewed the commercial side of business in a very different way to most companies.  Some might call is traditional values or the product of a skill that can only be passed from one person to the next via an apprenticeship type model but it has served us and our satisfied customers well.

Our company ethics policy forbids us from taking sponsorship or endorsing worthless products.

We are continually reviewing appropriate schemes that offer consumer confidence through credible standards and business practices.  There is no point in being a member of a trade association or scheme if the others members do not meet you own high standards it just becomes a worthless badge akin to a receipt.  The list of organisations and our reasoning behind them is below:

Bed Bug Foundation member since 2010 supporter since formation

The Bed Bug Foundation is an independent organisation, which raises bedbug awareness through communication and education. We provide information and advise to home-owners and businesses alike, to help combat the stigma and financial and emotional cost that bedbugs can bring.

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International Bed Bug Resource Authority member since 2011 David Cain sits on the scientific advisory board.

Our mission is to serve as an authoritative voice for both the consumer and pest control industry in regards to bed bugs. Through fostering a concerted effort of global public awareness and education, coupled with our concerted effort to raise professional ethics and standards, our goal is to enhance environmental stewardship and improve the quality of life for the public.

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Federation of Small Businesses member since 2007

The Federation of Small Businesses is the UK's largest campaigning pressure group promoting and protecting the interests of the self-employed and owners of small firms. Formed in 1974, it now has 200,000 members across 33 regions and 194 branches.

Although not connected to our work on bedbugs we strongly agree with the principles of the FSB and the need for growing companies to have a voice and representation with parliament as too many laws seem to be written to favour big business interests rather than growing companies that tend to be consumer focused.

Global Service Partners

Dana K9 Bed Bug Detection New Jersey and New York State in the USA.

Dana K9 are expanding their existing successful Bed Bug Detection service by making available to their clients our bedbug detection systems for Hotels, Care facilities, Camps and accommodation providers.  They are the first of our US partners having decided to take a ProActive approach to bedbugs.

Their full service started in Feb 2013 and we welcome them on board.

Coming soon a list of our global service partners and the territories and services that we have transferred to them.  We work with a growing number of companies who share our passion for quality and customer service who have shown a commitment to being at the peak of efficiency through licensing our advanced methods and procedures.  If you are looking for assistance with a bedbug problem outside of our area we would recommend them as the first people you contact.

Contractor Health and Safety compliant and accredited since 2013

CHAS is established as the market leader for health and safety pre-qualification in the UK. It is available to suppliers (those who provide goods and services) and to organisations (buyers) looking for suitably competent suppliers.

Any one can pay their membership to a trade association appear legitimate, the CHAS scheme only accepts members that already meet the highest standards of health and safety and prove that in their application.

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